Current Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10am til 5pm

Cheque Cashing

We offer Cheque Cashing services at our Erdington store with rates from 4%

  1. Bring in your Cheque with your original photographic ID and proof of address
  2. Get a quote for your cheque
  3. Accept or decline the offered amount
  4. Get instant cash for your cheque

We will undertake the cheque cashing of any cheque written out to an indivudual from a company or government office and reserve the right to refuse any cheque at any time without reason.

We verify all cheques with external sources.

We are compliant with HMRC rules that obligate us to obtain proof of ID and home address.

Proof of ID: Passport, Driving License, Government issued ID

Proof of Address: Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Government Letter