Current Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10am til 5pm

Buy Backs!

Our buy back service allows customers to sell their goods to us and have the ability to repurchase them within 30 days

And it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Bring in your goods alongside your ID
  2. Your goods will be valued and you'll receive an offer for them
  3. Accept the offer and receive cash there and then and come back in 30 days to buy your item back


  • Repurchasing your goods costs the amount borrowed plus a repurchase fee of £3.20 for every £10 borrowed.
  • i.e. Borrowed 40? pay back £52.80, Borrowed 60? pay back £79.20
  • If goods aren't repurchased within the 30 day deadline then your goods will go on general sale within our store and you will forfeit the right to repurchase them at the discounted repurchase price
  • An extension of 30 days can be applied for the value of the repurchase fee.